About the Scripture Memory System

The Scripture Memory System is a computer program designed to assist in the memorization of portions of the Bible. 

Here is a page of Screen Shots from the program if you want to take a look at the program.

Main Features:


It is my goal to encourage as many Christians as I can to build into their lives the discipline of memorizing scripture.

This program is designed to be used in conjunction with other exercises to memorize scripture such as reviewing printed verse cards, reciting, listening to tapes, reading, thinking it out in your head, writing, etc.  In order to profit from scripture memorization, it must become a lifestyle. Not that you have to memorize any particular number of verses, but you should try to learn what you do learn very well. If you do, then God's word will always be at hand when you need.

In addition, this program also can be used as a teaching and idea resource. I have collected a lot of information over several years of discussing the topic of scripture memorization with a great many people. This program is a result of my research and as such, contains in one way or another almost every idea that has been suggested to me.

The program is designed help select which passages you most need to review. A review deck of passages you have learned is maintained by the system. The computer records your progress in detail so that it can decide which passages of scripture you most need to review and then present them to you in that sequence. This is helpful when you have learned a lot because the amount of time it takes to review these verses would limit the amount of new material you can learn.

Support and encouragement is also available from an on-line email community of more than 400 people from all over the world. These people share the desire to internalize God's word. Join the community and draw from their collective experience. In addition, more than five year's of discussion list archives are available on the internet for reading. These archives contain many helpful discussions and ideas as well as many questions and answers.

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