Setting your focus - Dependence vs Discipline

Purpose: To develop a balance between dependence on God and unrelenting discipline and zeal to achive what you want.

God's salvation is a gift. We cannot earn it. It is given to us by grace through faith in Jesus Christ. Even the faith which saves us is a gift of God. We depend on our God for everything. Yet, this does not mean we do not have a significant part to play. God supplies every resource we need for life and godliness, but we are instructed to make every effort to make use of these resources and to put them to use. The Christian life requries this balance between our responsibility and God's provision and protection. The purpose of this study is to focus our attention on both sides of the issue. That is, firstly, to show that we have a daily dependance on Gods continuing care and secondly, to show tat we must be both dilegent and aggressive in our pursuit of godliness. We depend on God to give us insight into his word and to give us wisdom and strength to resist sin. We depend on him to sustain us. But in order to realize this, we must do what it takes to make his word alive in our hearts. We must study it, memorize it, meditate on it and obey it.

  1. The place of Discipline, self control and training

    Look up each of the following verses and write your thoughts on the importance of having a life-style which is focused on the diligent pursuit of Christ.

  2. Our dependence on God. He provides and protects

    Look up each of the following verses and make some notes on why we are fully dependent on the grace God gives us.

  3. Conclusion

    These things can be applied to many aspects of our Christian life. Spend some time and write a paragraph on how what you have learned applies to the memorization and study of God's word.