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I became a Christian more than 20 years ago and since that time I have been very interested in memorizing portions of the Bible. I have spent a large amount of time working at it too, but with limited success. So I decided to spend some time figuring out why I was not as successful as I should have been at this task. In the process I hoped to identify a set of useful principles and develop a method by which I might make memorizing scripture a consistent, sustainable, part of my life. In this book I will discuss what I have learned. I have always had a strong passion for memorizing scripture, but I am not very good at it. I can memorize very fast, but do not retain it. I am inconsistent in the time spent on the task. I would have a flurry of activity followed by a long period of inactivity. I am not good at review, so what I do learn fades out fast. I do not meditate much on what I have learned, so it does not always do me much good anyway. Memorizing Scripture is a lifestyle. Success requires well organized, focused discipline. This is something which must be developed. It has great value, but takes time. Consider the out-of-shape man who wants to take up jogging. He knows it is good for him, but he has a hard time getting started. When he does start, he tries to run too far the first time and hurts himself. He may be discouraged by the lack of quick success and quit. Maybe he has a friend who can run 10km per day and wants to have the same energy and stamina that he has. Our friend does not know what to do. Perhaps the cost involved may be higher than he wants to pay. He would have to start getting up earlier. This means he would have to go to bed earlier. He may also have to give up some of the TV shows he likes to watch or some of the junk food he likes to eat. Old habits are hard to break so a few weeks later our friend gets out of the habit of running and everything is the same as it was at first. Later he may try again, but has similar results. This is me. Let's list out the things which will keep him from success.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - The Meaning of Christian Discipleship
Chapter 2 - Prerequisites for a successful scripture memory program
Chapter 3 - What things can hold us back?
Chapter 4 - Memorization - Getting Started
Chapter 5 - Memorization - Basics
Chapter 6 - Memorization - Learning Long Passages
Chapter 7 - Conclusion - The Challenge.

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