The Scripture Memory Connection

Since becoming a Christian more than 20 years ago, I have been very interested in memorizing Bible verses. This has been very valuable to my Christian life. However, as I look about, I realize that almost no one else is interested in memorizing more than only a few verses. Further, after examination my own scripture memory program, I can see that it has not been that successful. I have not memorized enough verses and what I have memorized is poorly learned and not always applied to my life.

Therefore, I have determined to figure out how I can 'fix' my own scripture memory program by studying the topic as thoroughly as I can, and by analyzing my own past attempts. I have dedicated my entire web site to challenge all Christians to make memorizing scripture a significant part of their lives.

The purpose of this web site is:

  1. To teach myself how to memorize scriptures and use it properly.

  2. To encourage others to memorize scripture and offer some help getting started.

  3. To meet people through E-mail who have similar interests.

  4. To learn from the wisdom that others share concerning memorizing scripture

Give me your feedback.


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