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Note: A Windows version of this program is now available for download.

Introducing the Scripture Memory System for DOS version 2.13

What is the Scripture Memory System?
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What is the Scripture Memory System?

The Scripture memory system is a *free* computer program designed to assist Christians in the memorization of large portions of the Bible. It is my goal to encourage as many Christians as I can to build into their lives the discipline of memorizing scripture.

This program must be used in conjunction with other exercises to memorize scripture such as verse cards, reciting, listening to tapes, reading, thinking it out in your head, writing out longhand, etc. In addition it must be used in conjunction with bible study, prayer, meditation, application, sharing with others and such. Memorizing scripture can only be helpful if it is a part of a balanced approach to the Christian life.

The reason why I developed a computer program was because I had a problem with review. After a while it was hard to review all the verses that I had learned and still have time to learn new verses. I would end up forgetting the verses I already learned because I did not get back to them enough.

A review deck of paragraphs you have learned is maintained by the system. The computer records your progress in detail so that it can decide which paragraphs of scripture you most need to review and then present them to you in that sequence. This is of great importance when you have learned a lot of verses, because the amount of time it takes to review these verses would limit the number of new passages learned. Therefore the system selects which passages must be reviewed based on past performance and which ones can be skipped until later.

System Requirements for the Scripture Memory System.

The scripture memory system will run on any 100% IBM compatible 386 or better which has at least 1 Meg RAM (540 free base Ram) and at least 5 meg free disk space. You must have a SVGA monitor. The system does not use a mouse. It is a DOS program but will work fine in windows 3.1x, 95 or NT.

Download instructions for the Scripture Memory System.

Fill in the form below and press the download software button. Your browser will start to download a file called SMS213.EXE.

To install the scripture memory system, copy the file you retrieved from the Internet (SMS213.EXE) into an empty directory and run it. When it is finished extracting files type in SMS and press the enter key. The installation will proceed automatically. The program file is called SMS.EXE, so this is the program you would run whenever you want to use the Scripture Memory System.


     MD SMS         (Make a new directory)
     CD \SMS        (Go to that new directory)
                    (now copy sms213.exe into this directory)
     SMS213         (run the program you got from the internet)  
     SMS            (this is how you start up the program from now on)

Installation questions/problems can be reported to me by sending me an E-Mail
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Download the Scripture Memory System for DOS here!

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