Recovering an Ineffective Scripture Memory Program.

Instructions This worksheet is for people who have spent some time in the past memorizing scripture, but were not satisfied with the results. There are many reasons why an attempt at memorizing scripture can end up being ineffective. Some people have tried to start memorizing scripture a few times, but each time have found it to be a challenge. The point is, whatever kept you scripture memory program from being a success in past attempts will probably happen again the next time you try - that is, unless you figure out what went wrong and fix it.

The purpose of the questions on this worksheet are to help you figure out why your previous attempts at memorizing scripture either failed altogether, or did not have impressive results. While working through this worksheet, make sure that you think carefully and are honest with yourself.

This worksheet assumes the following things:

Think about your previous attempts

  1. Describe your previous attempts at memorizing scripture. This question may take some time, but it is important to recall what you have done before we go on.

  2. Why were you not satisfied with the results? What were the results?


  1. Determination and desire.

    You should be convinced that the Bible is the inspired word of God and is the primary tool God has provided for our spiritual growth. You should therefore have a constant hunger for more of the word of God. It is truth and can set us free from what binds us if we obey it.

  2. Discipline and the usage of your time.

    Determination is a good starting point, but if need to have a clear idea as to how to memorize scripture. You need a workable scheme, the discipline and will to stick to it each day and a plan to make sure that you do not stray from it in the long run

  3. Memorization/review techniques.

  4. Living up to what you have already attained

Your conclusions

  1. Write out a brief paragraph or two describing the specific reasons why your previous attempts at memorizing scripture were not as effective as you would have liked them to be.

  2. Given your new insight, what do you need to do to make your attempts to memorize scripture work better the next time?