Weekly self evaluation

Instructions: The purpose of this worksheet is to provide some material you can use to review your progess during the last week. If you analyse how you used your time this last week, it should create an opportunity for you to decide what changes, if any, should be made to your routine.

Please realise that this weekly self-evaluation is not meant to result in feeling bad about yourself in any way. It is not meant to result in driving yourself until you drop. Christ died for you so you could be free from guilt and bad feelings about yourself. However, it is meant to make you think about your goals and whether your last week's activities have been constructive or not. It is meant as a method of maintaining and tightening your focus on Jesus Christ.

Print off this worksheet and place it in a three ring binder. Read through it quickly once per week and write your responses on a separate piece of paper. Date and keep everything you write. This form is designed more for an individual rather than a family or group. You probably will want to change this worksheet around to make it meet your specific situation and concerns.

Weekly self evaluation - time usage

  1. Take your list where you identified the times and places you intended on memorizing/reviewing scripture.

  2. Is there any time you clearly waisted this week? How should these things be responded to?

    (Remember that a balanced and healthy life requires a certain amount of relaxatin and recreation of various sorts. We need an appropriate amount of sleep and rest. These things, in general, are never to be considered a waist of time. However, in excess, most anything can be considered a poor use of time)

  3. Is there anything you can do which would organize your daily chores more effectively so as to free you up sooner?

  4. Have you identified any more time segments which you could dedicate to the task? Conversely, have you identified any time segments which are not showing themselves as being practical to review your verses?

Review of your progress

  1. Where you able to review what you intended to review this last week? This applies both to the verses in the bundle you are currently memorizing and the box of verses you have already memorized.

  2. Did you learn the new material you planned to learn this week?

  1. Did you spend a time meditating on a portion of God's word? What did you think about? Are you happy about your thought life this week?

  2. Have you been making an attempt to study and understand what you are learning?

  3. Have you been making an attempt to apply what you have learned to you life. Remember that James says that if you continually hear Gods word but do not obey it, you are like a man who looks at his face in a mirror and after he sees himself (probably seeing a problem with his appearance) just walks away and forgets what he saw.

Maintaining a balance in life

  1. Have you been living up to your other obligations in life?

  2. How is your emotional / spiritual life? Are you growing in love for God? Are you well?


    1. Have you done your best this week?

    2. Are you growing closer to God? (this is the end of it all!)

    3. Could you be working harder?

    4. Are you working too hard?

    5. Did you make yourself accountable to another?

    6. Do you need to rework your routine to account for changes in your schedule?