Setting your Focus

This is a series of worksheets designed to help you understand the importance of memorizing scripture in the life of a Christian. It reviews what the Bible is, the benefits of memorization and what is involved in the memorization of scripture. The purpose of these worksheets is to enable you do draw up a list of 'smart' resolutions, dedicating yourself to the task of memorizing scripture. The assumption is that you have already reviewed much of the material in my article Why memorize Scripture and my book How to memorize scripture.

Before you begin your scripture memory program, it is a good idea to take some time, and write out a series of practical resolutions concerning the place of the word of God in your life. If you do, you will have something concrete to review later, to remind yourself of the commitment you have made.

The resolutions you write out have to be well thought through if they are going to be practical enough abide by. They have to be prompted by your zeal and determination and these in turn, must be based on truth.

The setting your focus worksheets are designed to get you thinking about the place that the word of God should have in our lives and what it takes for a scripture memory program to be successful.

After you have studied the issue, your task is to prayerfully consider what you want to do and then write it down on paper.

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